Ride and Shine is a transportation service provided to Ashe patients who may need assistance traveling to and from the Ashe Center. This form is to be used to schedule a ride to the Ashe Center. All efforts will be made to provide service within one hour but we ask that you schedule 24 hours in advance if possible.

This service is limited to Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00am to 4:30pm and only to locations within the campus boundaries.

The following are the approved pick up and drop off locations:

- Reagan Medical Center, UCLA Med Plaza, Jules Stein

- Residence Halls

- Murphy Hall, Court of Sciences, Public Affairs

Disclaimer: The Ride and Shine service is not to be used for emergency transport. If you need emergency transportation to the ER, please call 911. Riders assume the responsibility of being stable enough to ride in a golf cart-type vehicle. This is a self referral service and offered based on availability. The Ride and Shine service WILL NOT be responsible for missing or arriving late to appointment(s). Please plan accordingly to give yourself sufficient time to arrive at your scheduled appointment(s). The driver is not allowed to physically assist passenger(s) in or out of the vehicle. The driver may refuse service to any patient for any reason.


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All pick ups will be confirmed by an Ashe Center telephone callback. If we are unable to confirm via telephone, your ride will not take place.